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Product Specification


Construction 4 Panel, U Panel, Tubular, Baffle, Sling, Tunnel, UN Certified.

Body material UV resistant PP fabric, Coated/Uncoated, Conductive (Type C)

Filling otions 4 Corner loops, Cross corner, Stevedor, Single/Two loop, Cargo loop.

Lighting otions Open top, Spot, Duffle, Tone.

Discharge otions Flat, Spout, Full discharge, Conical discharge, Remote discharge.

Closures Capachon closure, Petal closure, Velcro closure, B-lock closure.

Special otions Top perimeter band, Bottom loops, Double layer fabric, Dust proof.

Dust seams Singe, Double, Triple with Filler cords, Felts, Web tie.

Liners Type (L1, L2, L3) Gusseted, Fomm fit, Fully Glued/Point Tabbing/Switched to site seams.

Printing Upto four colors, High performance UV resistant ink.

Accessories Document pouch, Zip locks, Labels.


Circular Tubular

Size 45-140 cm Layflat 60-200 cm Layflat

Weight 65-240 gsm 90-260 gsm

Speciality Thermo cutter slitting device Coated edge w/reinforcements


Thickness 50-150 micron

Tube width 200-470 cm


Weight 25-100 grams

Width 25-85 mm


Thickness 15-50 gsm

Bag sizes, materials and options can be custom tailored to specific packaging
requirements based on customer needs.
Shipping Container sizes: 20'/40'/40' HC FCL
Pallets base size: 105*115 cm ; Maximum height : 110-125 cm